Let The Equity In Your Home Work For You

A Home Equity Loan or line of credit will allow you to borrow money secured by the equity in your home. A Home Equity Loan from M1 is the convenient way to tap into the savings you have worked so hard to build. Our Home Equity Loans give qualified members affordable financing to get those improvements done. If you need financing to get your home into shape, or for any other qualified expense, an M1 Home Equity Loan is for you!

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HomeLine vs HomeFix HomeLine (Home Equity Line of Credit) HomeFix (Fixed Home Equity)
Type of Interest Variable-Rate Fixed-Rate
Repayment Term Up to 14 years Up to 12 years
Payout Revolving Credit Lump Sum
Best Rate* 8.74%* 7.49%*
Best For Intermittent cash needs over a number of years Debt Consolidation, major renovation costs

* All Rates Quoted as APR (Annual Percentage Rate)
*Restrictions Apply
*Your rate may be higher based on your specific CLTV and term

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