Additional M1 e.Services


Members now have the option to receive a transaction receipt sent to the email address on file. This e.Receipt is more secure than receiving a traditional printed paper receipt. However, for the most secure option, we recommend not getting any receipt and viewing your transactions and balance through i.Teller or the M1.Mobile app.


Enroll in FREE e.Alerts through your Michigan One i.Teller account! e.Alerts allow you to set up various text and/or email alerts to be sent based on your Michigan One account activity.

IMPORTANT e.Alert Instructions - Follow these instructions exactly to properly set up Michigan One e.Alerts:

Existing Member e.Alert Instructions        New Member e.Alert Instructions

Follow the detailed instructions to set up e.Alerts for:

  • Low balance
  • Check cleared
  • Loan payment due
  • Transaction cleared
  • Authorization hold


e.Notifications provide you with quicker, electronic notices of important account issues such as overdrafts, CD maturities, loan delinquencies and 1098 mortgage interest statements.  e.Notifications are free to all i.Teller users and enrollment is easy!  Simply login to your i.Teller account and click Services > e.Notifications. 


e.Statements allow you to view your M1 statements online through your i.Teller account, eliminating the need for a paper statement sent via snail mail. When your statement is ready to view, you’ll receive a friendly email notice. And, if you happen to need a paper copy, click on 'Print Friendly'. Enrollment is quick and easy by logging into your i.Teller and follow clicking Services > e.Statements.

Shared Accounts

Shared Accounts allows you to transfer to and from two different M1 accounts via i.Teller. You can easily set this service up in i.Teller, set limits on transfer amounts, as well as the number of transactions. This feature will come in handy for members who have children (as well as others) who want to allow them to access a predetermined amount of money. 

Reorder Checks

Reorder your M1 checks quickly and easily online. Click here to reorder your checks.

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