M1 Gives $20,000 to Local Nonprofits


As part of Michigan One Community Credit Union’s (M1) Community Partnership program, M1 will once again be issuing their Community Bonuses.  These Community Bonuses are presented each year as a way to show appreciation to M1 members and the communities they live in.

This year’s M1 Community Bonus donation total is $20,000 and will be donated to local nonprofits in the Ionia, Greenville, Carson City, and Alma communities. Twenty-three (23) area organizations will be recognized at this time; with the primary focus being to support local school districts and food pantries.  Since the start of M1’s Community Bonus program, M1 has donated over $235,000, which is in addition to their other giving throughout the year.

“With schools planning for in-person instruction this school year, we know there is going to be a significant need for PPE, cleaning supplies, and other items, and those are added costs to the school-districts. We wanted to be able to help support the schools and provide some funds that they very much need,” said Relationship Development Manager Ryan Wilson. M1 also recognizes the hardships many people in the local communities are going through when it comes to putting food on their tables, which is why they are always willing to help the local food pantries.

While M1’s Community Bonus program is regularly scheduled for December, M1 didn’t want to wait to help this year. “There are significant needs these organizations have right now, and we wanted to step up to the plate and help immediately,” said M1 CEO Tim Hemenway. “Even in difficult times, M1 is committed to giving back to the community. We want our communities to know that M1’s commitment to them can be counted on and is a priority. While other financial institutions are closing branches, merging, and cutting costs, M1 is doubling down on our commitment to be the premier community leader. We want everyone to know we aren’t going anywhere and will always be here to help.”

Organizations receiving funds: Alma Public Schools, Belding Area Schools, Bread of Life Pantry, Carson City Food Bank, Carson City Public Schools, Central Montcalm Public Schools, Fulton Schools, Gratiot County Community Foundation, Gratiot Hunger Network, Greenville Community Foundation, Greenville Public Schools, Have Mercy, IM Kids Third Meal, Ionia Public Schools, Ionia Soaring Above Teen Center, Ithaca Public Schools, Lakewood Public Schools, Montcalm Community College Foundation, Portland Public Schools, Saranac Community Schools, Spectrum Health Foundation United Hospital, St Louis Public Schools, Zion Community Food Pantry.


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